Audience Remarketing


It’s important to understand exactly why you are remarketing and what outcome you are looking for.

We remarket to audiences that are already familiar with your brand, products and services. We remarket to improve return on investment, conversion rates and reduce cost per acquisition.

When and why should you remarket?


Move a warm audience through your funnel


Reinforce your brand position


Convert customers from browsing to buying

What types of remarketing data can we use?

Customer data like email, and mobile number, where you have permission to use this data for marketing purposes. Think about the user behaviour that gave you this data, what is their current buying stage?

Visitor behaviour data from your own website. A simple landing page visitor or a unique combination of visitor behaviour. What does this tell you about the customer’s buying stage?

Users are segmented based on keyword search or interest and purchasing intention. This data is collected by Google and allocated according to user behaviour while using their tools.

Data based on your website visitor behaviour.

If you have an App connected to your Google account, you can collect user data and use it for audience targeting.

Data based on how users interact with your YouTube channels.

Your owned data (like email or mobile phone numbers) which you upload for audience matching. You will need permission to market to this audience!

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