Ep 40: Proving ROI of Digital Comms & Website Readiness

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Ep 40: Proving ROI for Digital Comms & Website Readiness

Welcome to episode 40 of Team TwoBees Learning Hive Podcast!

This week we talk about what’s been happening in our Facebook Group (make sure you join!); the questions you’ve had and what are your biggest concerns. We specifically tackle the idea of ROI (return on investment) for digital media and social media. We talk about the importance of specifics and not just talking about ROI in the abstract when it comes to digital.

We also tackle something covered in last week’s Breakfast Workshop: Intro to Google Analytics. Before you dive in to the GA Dashboard and start judging your website performance, it’s important to eliminate broken website pages and processes. Jennifer talks through how you might tackle this and you can download your very own checklist right here!

Make sure you don’t miss this week’s webinar: LinkedIn Profile Perfection & Networking Mastery

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