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Leaders Social Media Package

Six month social media management plan for senior executives.

Premium Social Profile Package

Our six month premium social media management package is for Business Leaders who want to build up their social media profile but don’t have the time or the expertise to do it themselves.

Within six months you will have social media profiles which:

  • Have relevant followers who you want to engage with and who want to engage with you.
  • Are consistently active and get regular replies, clicks and shares.
  • Are helping you to achieve your professional networking goals.

Your monthly coaching and update calls will enable you to:

  • Understand exactly how your accounts are progressing and what is worth spending your time on when it comes to social networking.
  • Have confidence that you can run the account yourself at the end of six months if you choose to (there is an option to continue on if appropriate).
  • Keep up to date with new developments so that you never feel out of your depth using social media.

TwoBees has trained thousands of people in how to improve their social media presence and increase their expertise. Using our experience of what works, we can take the initial burden off your shoulders and support your long term social media strategy.

This is a collaborative process which is specifically designed to build your confidence while also taking the bulk of the work off your hands.

How it works

Step 1

  • We sit down with you to learn exactly what you are trying to achieve with your social media presence and who you specifically want to engage.
  • Using our detailed questionnaire, we will gain an understanding of your interests and the areas of expertise you would most like to showcase.
  • Working together, we will plan the best way for you to present your authentic, authoritative voice online.

Step 2

  • Every week we will identify the best content to share on your chosen social media accounts.
  • We will schedule your posts and send you reminders to check the schedule and let us know if you require any changes.
  • From the information in our original consultation, we will seek out the right people and identify updates that you should respond to personally. This is a vital part of building engagement and influence on social media but is also often the most time consuming.
  • We will send you a monthly performance report which we will review in our 30 minute Skype coaching session.
  • By sharing our process, you will learn exactly what works for you and gain confidence in your ability to run the accounts in the future.

Step 3

  • During the six months, you will gain an insight into the opportunities and benefits of a well maintained social media presence.
  • We provide you with a full review of your account and the process we used to achieve our results.
  • At the end of this period, you can choose to continue with TwoBees social media management or start to schedule your own activity on your now active and influential accounts.

What happens after 6 months

Option 1

  • We hand back full control of your accounts which are now in great shape.
  • We provide you with full details of how we achieved our results.
  • Over the course of the previous six months you've learned how to successfully run your own account.

Option 2

  • You love what we've achieved with increasing your social presence but aren't ready to take back full ownership of your accounts.
  • Extend the premium management for another six months terms

Option 3

  • Your social media channels are now working for you.
  • You want to maintain the standard but can't commit the time.
  • TwoBees takes over the day to running of your account.

Straightforward transparent pricing

Monthly Breakdown

Single Account

Premium Profile Building
  • 1 person
  • 1 or 2 accounts
  • 12 hours a month
  • £720
  • (per month ex vat)

Multi Account

Premium Profile Building
  • 2+ people
  • 1 or 2 accounts per person
  • 12 hours per user a month
  • £650
  • per month + vat

Each package includes

  • Sourcing and scheduling relevant content.
  • Identifying follow up opportunities.
  • Monthly coaching call.
  • Email support.
  • Monthly reporting.

More than ten users or multiple accounts? Talk to us about custom pricing - contact us.

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