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Companies are wasting time and money by not taking advantage of the digital tools available to them.

Making the decision to take action on this can be daunting, especially if you don’t feel confident that you understand the full range of tools, opportunities and risks. That's why we offer a number of consultancy packages to help you choose the right path for your business. From a 50 minute trouble shooting session for when you just need basic support to a full digital media audit for businesses that need more thorough guidance.

To speak to one of our consultants about any of the packages we offer, just get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

One to One Consultancy

If you know you need more than a short trouble shooting session, consultancy with us can cover anything from a review of your current social media strategy to a short training session. It’s an opportunity to develop ideas for your next campaign and get honest, critical feedback on how to improve performance. These sessions can be at our offices in London, at your own office, or central meeting point upon request.


From £650 (excl VAT)

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Digital Media Audit & Training Programme

This type of audit identifies the parts of your business that would be best served by the introduction of digital tools to support logistics, communications (internal and external) and overall productivity.

The process begins with departmental interviews designed to find out what is currently being used, discuss the needs of each area of the business and which tools could help you streamline delivery and performance. This is followed by a management workshop so that we can bring together the interview findings and the organisations’ focus. Together we will create a “next steps” working document for your organisation to enable you to implement best practices. This is followed by a 6 month review which results in a full "Digital Strategy Working Document".

The auditing process will also identify gaps in staff knowledge and experience. With this option we can also develop and implement a full training programme which includes creating internal “digital champions” who will be instrumental in the continued delivery and success of staff training.

Completing this programme ensures:

  • A full understanding of how to take advantage of all the tools available
  • Confident staff that know how to use digital and social media tools for the benefit of them and your business
  • A more streamlined and connected workplace
  • Better staff communications and working practices
  • A clear plan for taking your business forward in the digital landscape.


From £1,925 (excl VAT)

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