Upcoming Breakfasts

Our breakfast workshops are an opportunity to brush up on your knowledge of different digital media tools, networks and best practice.

Working with hundreds of companies has taught us that one of the biggest challenges in digital communications is keeping up to date. We also think it’s great to share ideas with like minded people out-with our own organisations, get independent feedback and network with our peers.

Each workshop is an interesting learning experience with clear, actionable take-aways for your business (including supporting materials to help you implement ideas in the workplace) followed by networking over coffee.

Digital Media Strategy: Social Media Analytics
This is the last of 3 analytics based workshops which take us into the 4th quadrant of The Cube Method©. We will spend this session familiarising ourselves with Facebook Ad Reports and Page Insights, twitter analytics and third party support tools. We will thoroughly cover the following: Facebook Page Insight metrics Demographic data from ad reports Relationship between social network ... Read More
May 9th 2016, 08:30 am - 10:00 am

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Because of the bite size nature of the workshops, groups are small to ensure a friendly, quality experience. Our venues are relaxed and welcoming and our sessions all include breakfast and refreshments. TwoBees Breakfasts are hosted by our co-founder & CEO Jennifer D Begg.