Ep 32: Honesty and Authenticity in advertising

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Jennifer talks about the benefits (to all of us!) of honesty and authenticity in advertising.   Honesty and authenticity in advertising is a hot issue. Podcasts like The Nerdist have started including adverts in their introductions, and this has prompted discussion for people who would prefer they hadn’t. Personally I evaluate how advertising is approached and disclosed as it’s that … Read More

Ep 30: The JOY challenge

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Bring on the JOY Challenge Jennifer introduces and launches The joy challenge – going back to using digital tools purely for fun and enjoyment.   The JOY Challenge When working in digital communications and social media, you find much in the way of scepticism. People who feel it’s OK to dismiss particular platforms and criticise its users. At the moment … Read More

Ep 29: The Podcast returns & Landing pages

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The Podcast returns & Landing pages The podcast returns, and Jennifer discusses the impact effective landing pages have on user experience. The Daily Buzz has been offline for a month, apologies for that. We are back now and we’re going to be doing four podcasts a week, some totally new, others linking to the content we’ve created over the past … Read More

Ep28 Facebook Power Editor

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Facebook Power Editor Jennifer discusses the options made available by using the bulk upload and dark post features of using the Facebook Power Editor. Facebook Power Editor What is it for? The Power Editor is a tool, often used by agencies or brands to do bulk uploading of ad copy. It allows you to create Dark posts, tailored to specific … Read More

Ep27 LinkedIn Pulse

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Ep27 LinkedIn Pulse: why you need to pay attention and how to use it Jennifer talks you through LinkedIn Pulse. It’s a great way of blogging to an already warm network of connections. LinkedIn Pulse LinkedIn Pulse App for mobile Hey everybody – little bit of a recording from outside today. I’m in a café in Tufnell Park, it’s very … Read More

Ep26 Instagram, animation and practice

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Ep26 Instagram, animation and practice Jennifer wants to get you all practicing! If you’re nervous about creating video content, get yourself over to Instagram and start experimenting with their 15second video clips. Jennifer talks you through the different options to get you started and why the biggest hurdle is just getting started. If you would like to subscribe to the … Read More