Strategies for giving yourself more time

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Strategies for giving yourself more time  *This post is from our weekly newsletter   Are you a morning person? Actually, scratch that, it’s a stupid question. We don’t really have a choice a choice most of the time. In my experience, even if you are a morning person (I am), it doesn’t make you more productive. Getting up early and in … Read More

Ep17 Stop looking over the fence

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Stop looking over the fence Where do you think you are in comparison to your competitors when it comes to digital skills? What do you presume about your peers? Jennifer talks about what she hears all the time from brands and business owners about their expertise. Transcription Welcome to Wednesday everybody! It’s Wednesday, so I’m just back from Birmingham. I’ve … Read More

Ep8 Make it Easy

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Make it Easy If you want to ensure that you stick to a content creation schedule or just get into good habits, you need to make the process as easy as possible. In this episode Jennifer talks about how you should set things up to take all the barriers to content creation out of the way. Notes The microphone Jennifer … Read More

Ep7 Images Of Text

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Images Of Text Jennifer recommends some apps that you can use to create beautiful images of text. Even if you want to avoid the inspirational quote and go for hints and tips instead, make sure that the image is worth sharing. Transcription And we’re back home on the range! Hooray! Nottingham was lovely, but now we’re back home in London … Read More

Ep6 Time Sucks and Tumbleweed

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Time Sucks and Tumbleweed Today Jennifer is sharing about her struggles with finding the time to share on social media and how difficult it can be to get conversations going. Transcript Today’s podcast is brought to you from a hotel room in Nottingham – hooray! All the glamorous destinations I get to go to… I’ll tell you what, it’s a … Read More