LIVE WEBINAR with Emma Cossey and Jennifer D Begg

Social Media Strategy 
for Freelancers

Thursday,March 24th


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Jennifer D Begg
Co Founder & CEO, TwoBees

Emma Cossey
The Freelance Lifestyle

During this Free Webinar:

  1. You'll get access to a long list of handy tools which you can use to supercharge your social media presence
  2. You'll learn how to use social media to land new clients
  3. You'll learn a simple 3 Step Content Strategy to keep you sane and organised
  4. You'll learn all about Jennifer's Cube Method©, used by thousands of social media practitioners to improve their social media performance
  5. You'll find out why taking time out from social media is also important for freelancers and how you can do that without losing followers
  6. You'll learn about strategies for organising your time and energy while still staying active on the right social networks
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